Procedures for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening procedures have become increasingly popular. As daily consumption of coffee, wine, and other products that stain teeth have risen, so has the need to find procedures that work effectively to bring back a beautiful, white smile.

Take home tray

The key feature of take home trays is that they can be used comfortably at home. You can get one from our dentist who would also provide you a complete kit along with instructions to use. These can also be purchased from any local pharmacy. These do not produce instant result, but a single session produce a visible change.

If you are looking for effective and efficient teeth whitening procedures in Springboro, Ohio with stringent quality standards and an excellent dentist, contact us at 937-748-9125. Not only does Settlers Walk Dental Care perform great teeth whitening procedures, but we will also ensure that you are well looked after and fully satisfied with each treatment.

Recommendations are given based on your current condition. If you need a teeth whitening procedure, our dentist at Settlers Walk Dental Care provides various teeth whitening products and teeth whitening kits. You may reach us at Settlers Walk Dental Care in Springboro, Ohio. We all love to have a dazzling smile.